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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Is this how it supose to be? After 3 long years of dating, Bloom and Sky finally decide to tie the knot! But when an old flame comes back to visit Sky will Bloom start to have regrets about her decision with marring him? Bonds of Brotherhood by tears-in-rain reviews WIP. Senior year is supposed to be difficult enough, but when the Dark Wizard Baltor threatens the Magical Universe just surviving to see graduation day becomes a challenge in its own right. Although it seems something is happening to the planet, a game of deception and something they will try to stop with their allies and friends. But During this Bloom has to be extra careful considering she has to now put anothers life before her own in a battle.

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This oneshot is from a oneshot I never finished! He chuckled, darkly. And I can feel it now. My breath caught in my throat as his hand settled on my thigh.

Hi my name is Bloom and I’m meeting my boyfriend at the park. His name is Sky and he is the Prince of Eraklyon. Also I’m the Princess of Domino.

Sitting beside the window and waiting for Sky to come and pick you up for a party can be pretty boring. Bloom was doing just that. That’s when a familiar face was just walking towards the exit of Alfea. She ran, at least it was better than waiting for Sky for so long. Do you like my new dress? I made it myself. One of Stella’s latest designs. Was it cancelled? Bloom was actually happy that the bus came. It meant that she could think about something other than Stella’s smile when she talked about fashion and fabrics.

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Sun 18th of March Report. A party is the perfect way from me to kick em out, and a great way to welcome Layla. How can Faragonda possibly turn down the hero of Alfia when she and her friends want to invite their boyfriends to an impromptu party. With a sigh Bloom tried to take her mind off Sky and concentrate on what she was going to say to Miss Faragonda, but thoughts kept returning to him with the thought of how much easier it would be for the two of them if they were just two normal kids back on Earth.

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Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Brandon came up to him and put his hand on his shoulder. Even if he was there, we have powerful and strong girlfriends. They would protect Bloom. Stella must be with Lidia training.

Girls, please, you must help me. It was Joan! Now he needs help. He is ill and he fainted when we were coming here. Bloom, Flora, please, can you do something? A blue orb appeared in her palms that were on top of Joan. Stella told her everything, and the two of them ran back to Alfea together. Lidia raised a water drop , covered her hands with it, and it began to shine.

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Many thanks to Luna for proofreading. We start with what happened at the Day of the Royals She saw two figures, one of them her best friend Bloom, fly upwards; each throwing offensive spells at the other.

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View Badges! The-Winx-Club-Fans gallery. Fanfiction, Literature. Once upon a time, a very powerful and strong nymph, by the name of Eliphira, came to exist. She possessed unique, unmatched beauty, one that could only be described as breathtaking. With the help of her twin sister Neophira and their powers combined was created the Great Dragon.

But had they known that they were also creating it’s opposite. As the Great Dragon continued it’s journey to create the Magic Dimension, the twin sisters lived in harmony with the people of Magix, where they would bring light where there was darkness, and happiness where there was misery. They watched over Domino, and made sure the successive keepers were safe.

Everything went on peaceful, up until the day the Ancestral Witches attacked Domino, and the planet soon entered in a sixteen year long ice age. Shocked by the events, the Nymphs decided they would flee somewhere they could be safe and isolated from the evil of the Magic Dimension, and rule together in a realm where only light existed, light so strong th.

A lot of things about them as a couple seem to be based on this theme: their names, their character designs, their personalities, etc. You may also comment on this journal with a link or thumbnail of your entry.

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Winx club fanfiction: Lost at sea! By pandawinx. Musa’s Heartbroken Happiness of friendship and love Part 1. I am Musa! As usual Musa was dreaming about Riven and her.

The Winx have a Loop dealing with fanfiction cliches such as Bloom’s time-​traveling son from Timmy, the one from Brandon, and many others (half of which with.

View Badges! The-Winx-Club-Fans gallery. Fanfiction, Literature. Darkness and Lightning-page10 neko-comix 13 11 Darkness and Lightning-page7 neko-comix 14 7. So I decided to do a raffle I’ll do two prices. Both will be a character sheet like this one:the oc doesn’t have to be a fairy or so, can be from any fandom and you can let me know what outfits or so you want on it How to enter: Fav and comment. It has been years since the Winx Club defended the Magic Dimension.

A peaceful era ruled after their time, but this peace did not last for long as a power-hungry nymph began to threaten the Magic Dimension with her power and the destruction she causes. Will this new band of fairies be able to unlock this power in time before destruction befalls all? Find out soon in She is enrolled at the Alfea School for Fairies.

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Warning : This story is rated-M so that means that this story might contain things not good for younger kids! Chapter 1: The Beginning. He said he loved me ever since we met and tried to get me to be with him so he kissed me but I pushed him away and apologized because I already have you! You pushed him away right after 15 minutes! Now stop being so jealous and calm down, Sky!

I’ll calm down also we are OVER! Sky got a new girlfriend named Layla and she’s just new in Alfea. Bloom didn’t want to have a new boyfriend just after what happened with her and Sky.

Issue 63: Poison

The animated television series Winx Club features characters designed by former comic artist Iginio Straffi. The show’s narrative takes place in a magical dimension in which a group of fairy warriors defends their universe from villains. They are frequently supported by their romantic partners, known as the Specialists, who study at the neighboring Red Fountain School. The Specialists do not have magical abilities; they train to fight using laser weapons. The titular club is led by Bloom , a student from Earth who believed she was an average human until discovering her flame-based fairy powers.

The original group includes Stella , the fairy of the Sun; Flora , the fairy of nature; Musa , the fairy of music; and Tecna , the fairy of technology.

Winx club bloom and sky dating fanfiction. It turns out that he feels so responsible for her illness that he is willing to put aside his own happiness and marry her if.

The clouds were dark and ominous, swirling around as rain pitter pattered on the puddles forming on the sidewalks and people wearing raincoats and with their umbrella in hand hurried along their way. Sighing Bloom looked back down on her lap, in a way the rain or the day reflected her emotions, sad and confused. She had been like that for a while, she was still wondering whether or not this was a good thing for her, she hadn’t spoken to her boyfriend for months, and he was always so far away, in London with his best friends or with his family.

When they first met it was a sunny day, bright and cheerful with flowers everywhere, their friends had been dating for a while and she was finally going to meet the mysterious guy they had told her so much about. Apparently he was back in London with his girlfriend, she could tell that the guys absolutely despised her and that gave her a sense of discomfort, she was meeting a complete and total stranger and add to that the girls and guys wanted them to be best friends, if not more than that.

She remembered that when she first saw him walk up to the others with a smile on his face but a tad bit of curiosity burned brightly in his eyes. He had blonde hair that was like corn, it drifted over his right eye, and his eyes they were so deep and clear, a sky blue that was like the sky above and his skin was not pale like she had anticipated but a nice tan color.

He was wearing a button up light blue shirt with dark blue jeans and sneakers, he had a small little luggage bag in his hand. She felt like if she stared any longer then she would be embarrassed so she quickly looked away with a faint blush on her cheeks.

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